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With the attention around Forever Marilyn dying down, thank goodness, I’ve been sharing my opinion in a lot of places, not all of them on the web.  Here’s the links for those of you that missed the live broadcasts.

On July 15th I talked with Mike McConnell on WGN 720 AM about my article and the piece.  In looking up the audio file I found that he “doesn’t care what critics say”!  Oh well it was nice to talk to him anyways. I wish I had been able to listen to the earlier segment (8:30-9 a.m.) to rebut some over-generalizations of my piece

Listen to the segment on the web.

Download the segment. (Right click and save.)

A few days later on July 18th I was on “Chicago Tonight” with Laurie Palmer, the chair of the Sculpture department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and host Phil Ponce.

Watch the segment on the web.

The article even went across the ocean, as I was quoted in the Guardian.

Let’s hope that the next big art news story coming out of Chicago is something, you know, good.


On another note, I was on vacation last week but now am back in Chicago.


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