Street Art on a Short Walk

I visited 65GRAND over the weekend and a short walk down Grand Avenue from the Blue line station took a bit longer as I stopped to document all the street art I found along the way.  I’ll identify the artists as I am able, aided by Joseph J. Depre’s Chicago Street Art book.  While I will note when I am less sure about an artist, the nature of street art, and especially its decay, makes it difficult to positively identify an artist. 

Don’t Fret’s work was all over but ripped and shredded which was disappointing, but no fault of the artist.
The tribute to Ed Paschke by three (I believe) street artists was quite touching when I stumbled on it.  There was the official tribute of the large mural itself (one of several others to Paschke and the Chicago Imagists actually) and the unofficial tribute that sprang unbidden from the street.  The artist of the mural could perceive this as vandalism of his work, but it would be more accurate to receive the sentiment as a thank you or agreement. 
Even the walk to see art is art, for those who have eyes to see it.

(Joseph J. Depre’s Chicago Street Art is available here, and at Chicago Comics, Uncle Fun, Quimby’s BookStore, Myopic Books, and Museum of Contempory Art Chicago. Depre also corrects the artist identifications–updated on 6/29.)


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  • Good lookin out and posting, thanks.

  • Look up Lucky Lucy Oner on Facebook and friend her. Say your a friend of Curtis Shaw Flagg. You will see a side of street art to which you could not imagine!

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    Street artist Ray Noland, better known as 'CRO' in the Chicago area, has a new show coming up! "Sex, Spraypaint & Satire"!

    Details can be found on his website: Should be some interesting stuff!

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