Ai Weiwei Released on Bail in China

Yesterday I was pleased to learn via Twitter from the BBC and the Tate museum that Chinese artist Ai Weiwei had been released. The Chicago Art Blog has been following his situation and how Chicago’s cultural leaders responded


Mr. Ai is reportedly in good health, though he has lost weight.  Ai suffers from diabetes and there was concern about the medical care he needs.

Ai could not discuss anything much further than confirming he was well as part of his bail agreement.
The official Chinese government news organization, Xinhua, of course insisted that Ai’s arrest has “nothing to do with human rights or freedom of expression.”  Never mind that he was detained for weeks without charges being brought against him, or was denied access to his lawyer.
With the release of Ai, the US State Department reminds us that there are many more who were arrested in China’s recent crackdown: “But there’s obviously more individuals who are being held, so we want to see the release of all these people.”

Yes we do.

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