Shepard Fairey Interview

Before he started spinning records at Art Chicago’s preview party, I had a few minutes to actually sit down and talk with Shepard Fairey.  Fairey and I were able to cover a lot of topics in a short period of time.  Here is some of our conversation, you can find the rest on ArtSlant.

On the next stage for graffiti and street art:

the artistic value of it is really demonstrated by a well-curated show like the “Art in the Streets” show.”

REVOK’s arrest by the LAPD:

“I’m super bummed REVOK got arrested. . . I know initially he had a $320,000 bail. Which is absurdly high in relation to the crime.

If the public is scared of graffiti:

know I think that there are definitely some members of the public who
are scared by graffiti because I was reading some of the public comments
on an article about REVOK being arrested.  Some of the comments said
that he should have his hands cut off, which were similar to the
comments when I was arrested in Boston right before my museum show
[“Shepard Fairey: Supply and Demand” at the Institute of Contemporary
Art, Boston, 2009].  I can’t think that anyone would make a comment like
that about Lindsay Lohan shoplifting or something.

What he thinks about Barack Obama’s Presidency:

“He inherited a mess, and he’s been sabotaged by the Right at every turn.

But I still support him.

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