Halloween Art Monsters

It’s October and Halloween is not far away.  A lot of us will need inspiration for costumes and scary decorations, and what better place to find it than our own collective memory, art?  Enjoy some of the scariest scenes in art history, and some of my personal favorites. Leave a comment with a link to your favorite work of art and if I get enough posts I’ll create another gallery of them.
Vampires, mummies and demons, isn’t art great for Halloween?


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  • Thank you very much for the collections. Wouldn't it be great if all the fine art in the Museum can be viewed in finer detail with higher resolution pix? Looking at them bring to mind how life in the past might be a bit more honest in some even it is dishonest in another. Honesty laid to bare in all the brutality of the punishment and crime, slaughtering of animals in the market or on the street perhaps. War, famine, starvation...I wonder what else that the artists saw or imagined. Nowadays we live in a world that such brutality still exist, but hid from view.

  • great slideshow - I'd recommend adding in Pieter Bruegel the Elder's Triumph of Death. It's actually in the same museum as many of the Bosch and other paintings listed here (the Prado in Madrid) and just as frightening. http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/bruegel/death.jpg

  • Yup, cool stuff.

  • One of my favorite scary paintings is The Nighmare by Henry Fuseli.

  • The Edvard Munch "Vampire" is incorrectly titled. This painting was originally titled "Love and Pain". A critic named Stanislaw Przybyszewski mistakenly interpreted this painting as being vampiric in theme and content. The painting became known as "Vampire" only after his erroneous assessment of it. The woman in the painting is, in one interpretation, consoling her lover, not sucking his blood. Munch always insisted it was nothing more than "just a woman kissing a man on the neck". Seems like red-headed women just can't cut a break about being "nefarious"!

  • In reply to SarahLay:

    What a fascinating fact! I strive to get all the details correct always, but this may be a case of a popular interpretation taking over fact. The recent auction of the painting certainly played up the vampire bit, I'm sure because of vampire fever from "Twilight" and "True Blood" et al., I never heard the actual title.

  • In reply to SarahLay:

    Maybe an image of the Slaughter of the Innocents, such as on the floor of the Duomo in Siena, Italy:

  • In reply to SarahLay:

    hey abraham! this was a wonderful post. looking forward to seeing more :)

  • Might I suggest: http://www.darkromance.com/dr-bod/dr-bod-0706/dr-bod-070611-bat_woman.html
    July 26, 2010 has a Munch "Madonna" that is equally disturbing as Vampire/Love and Pain.

  • thanks for the comments and suggestions everyone! I'll start another slideshow for them!

    And Sarrah, thanks for the correction about the title of the painting, seems like a similar situation to the title of "The Scream." I always thought that the painting wasn't very vampire-like for a painting of a vampire, but hey, they didn't have "Twilight" or "True Blood" back then. Probably a good thing in the case of "Twilight".

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