Art Loop Open Reinstates Bernard Williams

The same day that I published my article detailing the controversy surround the disqualification of Bernard Williams from the final round of voting in the Art Loop Open (ALO), Mr. Williams was reinstated in the competition.  Unfortunately, Mr. Williams has missed several crucial days of voting, weekend days moreover, which puts him at a disadvantage.  On the following page is the official press release from ALO organization.


This is the official press release from the Art Loop Open organizers:

(October 26, 2010) The
Chicago Loop Alliance and Chicago Artists’ Coalition created Art Loop
Open with the intention of showcasing Chicago’s artistic community. We
continue to be proud of this competition which is engaging an audience of
thousands and providing invaluable exposure for artists.


However, in its inaugural
year, we admit there have been some misunderstandings concerning our voting
procedures.  One artist in particular, Bernard Williams, was announced as being
among the Top Ten finalists before being removed from competition due to issues
that arose concerning third-party promotion.


While third-party promotion
is not in keeping with the spirit — nor the intent – of the Art Loop
Open competition, we have concluded that such activity may not have been
discouraged clearly enough in the guidelines provided to each artist.   For
these reasons, we have decided to reinstate Mr. Williams’ work,
“Buffalo Chart,” into the Art Loop Open competition.  Mr. Williams
will now join the previously announced ten other finalists.


The second and final round of
public voting continues through Thursday, October 28, at 8p.m., and the winners
of the public vote, and additional awards, will be announced on Friday evening,
October 29.     


Know that we have learned a
great deal in this first year that will no doubt assist us in creating an even
stronger Art Loop Open competition in the future.



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  • When the rules were explained to me before the start of voting for ArtLoopOpen, I pretty much knew it would be a problem. Sorry to be right!

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