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Banksy Found?

Image courtesy of Fake Shore Drive
Banksy is a reclusive and secretive street artist who has made headlines around the globe for his innovative and eye-catching street art as well as his recent movie about it “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” which he debuted in Chicago. I was walking through the Loop yesterday and found this stencil piece, which looks very... Read more »

Summer Stone Theory Institute

This week I am attending the Summer Stone Theory Institute, it’s a week-long intensive seminar/roundtable that takes up different topics each year.  This year the topic is “Beyond the Aesthetic and the Anti-Aesthetic.”  We’ve been meeting for 12 hours a day since Monday, hence posting here has been impossible.  I’ll pick up posting again next... Read more »

Review of Baldessari at MoCP

“The West Coast is celebrating one of their most important and deserving artists as John Baldessari’s retrospective “Pure Beauty” is currently on view at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), through September 12th.  Fortunately Chicago has not been left out in this celebration as the Museum of Contemporary Photography (MoCP) hosts “John Baldessari:... Read more »