Banksy Found?

Banksy is a reclusive and secretive street artist who has made headlines around the globe for his innovative and eye-catching street art as well as his recent movie about it “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” which he debuted in Chicago.

I was walking through the Loop yesterday and found this stencil piece, which looks very much like a work by Banksy.  You can see the image in the slide show (it’s the second image) that begins with a piece from the artist’s website that is a good introduction to his oeuvre.  The second image is the work I found which appears to be in the exact same location as the third image, which apparently was buffed over by the Graffiti Blasters.  So has the artist returned to Chicago?

It may be some time before we know if these pieces are Banksy’s.  There are many imitators out there and only Banksy’s gallerist can confirm or deny the authenticity of pieces found, which is rather ironic considering the questions of authenticity that Banksy consistently raises.  The BBC News has a guide to tell real Banksy pieces from fakes (though in reality this guide is pretty useless, it seems to me) and the Gothamist has a selection of fake Banksy’s which I like to call Wanksy’s.

So you decide, are the last two images Banksy or Wanksy?


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  • Interesting... The same piece occurs on N Kedzie at W Belmont... It just appeared over the weekend.

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