Look Into the Eyeball

Like a visitor from another planet, it has arrived: Tony Tasset’s Eye is now fully assembled in Pritzker Park, across the street from the Harold Washington Library.  See the slideshow for all the installation pictures.

As you will be able to tell from the photos, the eye itself is constructed of interconnected plates made of steel-reinforced fiberglass. The joins between the plates will be smoothed out and repainted so that it will appear totally seamless.  There was a slight delay installing the iris onto Eye; apparently the custom truck bed for the iris collapsed on the way down from Sparta, Wisconsin.  Fortunately the iris itself was not damaged.  According to the artist, Eye will also receive a final, sprayed-on coating to give it a moist look.

I had a brief chat with Tony Tasset about the piece, check back to the Chicago Art Blog for updates!

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