Glenn Beck as Art Critic

Glenn Beck is many things, most of which are unpublishable, but I never expected him to take on the role of art historian or art critic.

But on the second of September those are the roles that Beck decided to take on.  Despite the fact that Beck has no formal education in art history, his ignorance didn’t deter him from blindly interpreting art motifs that he sees around New York City.  Then again, Beck’s ignorance never deters him.  In a rant that would make Dan Brown jealous, Beck “exposes” communist and fascist symbols that are placed in plain sight around New York City though the unsuspecting public never notices them.  Here’s the clip:

Amongst Beck’s many tenuous claims, the most egregious error in my mind is that Beck notes that the Diego Rivera mural Man at the Crossroads can now be “found” in Mexico City at the Palacio de Bellas Artes (not true, Rivera recreated a different version of the mural titled Man, Controller of the Universe) and notes that “they actually broke” the mural at Rockefeller Center. But Beck then goes on to discuss it as if it is still there in Rockefeller Center, using an image of the mural that was never seen by the general public.  Anyone who has seen Frida knows that the mural at Rockefeller Center was never seen by the public and was draped before it was destroyed.

Next up, the art world and others respond to Beck.

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