There is no me in Meternity

There is no me in Meternity

I know what you are thinking….that girl totally did not use spell check before hitting the post button. No worries folks, I do know how to spell maternity. The maternity I’m referring to is the new book by Meghann Foye titled Meternity.

According to the New York Post, the novel Meternity “is about a woman who fakes a pregnancy and discovers the hard truth to what it’s really like to “have it all””. “To be honest, this is a book I wouldn’t mind picking up. You know…for humor.

During this interview the author explains the reason behind the title typo. She feels women who do not have children should be allowed a “Me Time” leave from their place of employment (hence the misspelling of maternity) just the same as a woman who has given birth. Women should have time to recharge away from their workplace. In her opinion, women who have new babies at home are able to take their focus off of work and turn their focus onto their new family dynamic and child.

Ummm….can someone tell me where this “ME time” is?

First off, we are lucky in this country if we even get a paid maternity leave. My job did not pay me. I used my two weeks of vacation to at least get some reimbursement of time off. My son was born 5 weeks premature and because of his untimely arrival, I missed out on 5 additional weeks of salary to save towards my leave. In the end I had no choice but to return 6 weeks postpartum because the money ran out and we could not afford to live on one income.

Let’s talk about postpartum. Like really talk about it. First of all the only “Me time” you get is the time you spend in the bathroom nursing your swollen cooch or C-section incision and trying to take a shit that cannot and will not come out.


The rest of your days are focused on attempting to breastfeed a tiny little human, changing diapers, and sleepless nights. If you’re lucky, you’ll only cry for a couple of weeks while your hormones adjust unless you’re one of the unlucky ones, like myself, who suffered from Postpartum Depression.

During my PPD era, I longed to go back to work. I missed it. I didn’t know who I was without it. When I returned, I felt a sense of relief and appreciated my son even more than if I would have stayed home. 
The first year,  let alone the allotted maternity leave is anything but “Me Time”. Quite honestly, I’m not even sure if that ever returns or exists again…..cue toddler now pounding on the door or casually walking in while taking said shit.

Would I like a Meternity Leave now from my workplace? You betcha! Who wouldn’t. But it’s called a vacation. It’s what we do as working Americans.

It certainly cannot compare to an actual Maternity Leave.

What are your thoughts?

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