Barbie is getting a new image and I'm not crazy about it

Barbie is getting a new image and I'm not crazy about it

I love my Barbies. I still collect Barbies. I loved playing with Barbie as a girl. I never had an issue with the color of her hair or eyes or even how tall and thin she was. I was jealous of her boobs. I wanted boobs. She had awesome boobs. I never saw her as a threat to my self esteem.

Except for those boobs.

She had really cool things like a Barbie horse, a penthouse, a RV, yacht, and a corvette. I was pretty jealous of those things too. But never her figure.

Just the boobs.

Today’s Barbie is getting a make over. A body image make over. Barbie is getting a new image and I’m not crazy about it.

For starters, let me state that I’m simply not crazy about it. I don’t hate the idea. I get why. I really do. But I also don’t get why.

Barbie has been the same since 1959. She’s Barbie. Now Mattel has announced that she will come in thin, petite, and curvy Barbie. Do we really need three body types of dolls? By providing girls with a choice is it doing more harm than good?

Sure, young girls might be able to associate better with a Barbie more relatable to their own physique. But, I see this spinning into a web of Barbie bullying.

For instance, how on earth is thin Barbie going to borrow clothes to curvy Barbie? I can see it now. Two little girls getting together for a play date and their Barbies can’t borrow each other’s clothes. You know what I see? Chaos. And hurt feelings because “your Barbie is fat. ”

As parents we need to teach our children acceptance. Accepting the things we cannot change. Accepting others as they are. What is this new line of Barbies teaching our youth? That we are all different? Sure. But it’s also teaching our children that if someone complains enough about something, someone just has to change it. Even if it’s an icon that’s been around for almost 60 years simply because she isn’t a fair representation of today’s current body images.

Today’s American beauty.

News flash….we’ve been thin, petite, and curvy forever.

For. Ev. Er.

This isn’t new.

What’s next? Beer Belly and Brats Ken?

Instead of changing Barbie how about changing the way we view one another. How to accept one another. Teach our children to love one another. Accept different weights, images, and races. Put an end to bullying once and for all.

And leave Barbie and her boobs alone.

What are your feelings about Barbie and her new image?

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