My destination wedding is very real thank you. Thank you very much.

My destination wedding is very real thank you. Thank you very much.

I’m getting married in March. My fiancé and I heading to Las Vegas for the big event. We are getting married by a real live minister and everything.

Even though he will be dressed like Elvis

To be honest, this has always been my idea of a dream wedding. I’m not into the big formal wedding and hundreds of guests.

Or the drama.

Oh, the drama.

Sadly, no wedding comes without the drama… even a destination wedding. Because in this case it’s being treated like it’s a joke by some saying it’s not “real”.

Because it’s Vegas.

For instance, because it’s not in a church and “Elvis” is performing the ceremony, it’s not going to be recognized as “real”. Well, it’s costing us real money and we have to obtain a real marriage license so it’s pretty real.

And Elvis Presley was pretty damn real.

Another source has indicated that since we are eloping and not having the wedding in Chicago, I am not eligible to have a bridal shower. Again because it’s not a real wedding.

This honesty caused me to actually doubt wanting a bridal shower because I started to believe I was taking advantage of people. I mean if they can’t come to a real wedding why should they shower us with gifts?

Some have gone as far as saying my fiancé has been married before and that was the real wedding and ours doesn’t count.

Can we stop now?

Why must the sanctity of marriage revolve around a church and God? Why does a wedding only count in the traditional sense? Does it really matter that my fiancé has an ex wife??

It shouldn’t matter where you marry. If an ordained minister pronounces you man and wife so be it on a beach, in a backyard, outdoor gazebo, a local bar, or bungie jumping off a building. If you head to city hall and the Justice of the Peace marries you, good for you! Hell, if you decide to get “married” on a Post-It Note (hello Derek and Meredith) or during a zombie apocalypse, go for it! It’s what’s in your heart that matters.

Bottom line…have fun! Just do it! Don’t worry about the drama. It’s your day.

It’s real.

Very real.

And I’m really get married.

Thank you. Thank you very much!

Now tell me about your awesome non-traditional wedding!

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