My kid does not have "only child syndrome".....he's just being a dick

My kid does not have "only child syndrome".....he's just being a dick

My kid is having a rough start to the week. I don’t know if it’s the time change or what. All I know that in a span of two days I’ve been called into a meeting with his teacher.


On Monday he decided to teach his classmates a new word. The word of the day was SHIT.


On Tuesday he was punished for biting an older girl on the playground.


Where is my son and what have you done with him?

This is a very well natured boy. He doesn’t hit and certainly doesn’t bite. The curse word? I can see that. It’s no secret that we don’t use a filter at home. However, he can’t say those things to a classroom of toddlers.

Or at all.

When I met with his teacher she explained to me that he is incredibly bright. Participates in class. Is always wanting to learn. One of her best students, actually. But he does not like kids in his personal space.

She said he suffers from “Only Child Syndrome”. You know, because we don’t have any other children and he thinks the world belongs to him.

I call bullshit.

My child does not have “Only Child Syndrome”….he’s just being a dick.

Plain and simple.

Please don’t label him or excuse his behavior because he doesn’t have siblings at home. He knows how to share. He knows how to play nice. He socializes just fine with his cousins. He isn’t a bad kid because his parents can’t reproduce.

Give me a break.

Simply put, my child was being a dick. Why? Who knows. But he was bad and he should be reprimanded accordingly. Can we stop making excuses for our youths bad behaviors and call it like it is?

This is what is wrong with children today. Excuses after excuses for bad behavior. I’m sorry but if you allow your child to act like an asshole, you’re a bigger asshole.

I grounded a 3 year old yesterday. It was made very clear to him that he will not be putting his hands or his mouth on anyone again. He wasn’t allowed to watch his favorite show or play with his tablet. He was only allowed to play in his room or color.

Kinda like taking the car away from a teenager.

Today he was made to apologize to the girl he bit. He walked into school and sought her out. He apologized to her in front of the whole class.

Am I mean? No.

“But he’s only three.”

I don’t give a shit.

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