An open letter to our first foster child

An open letter to our first foster child

To our first foster child,

I’m supposed to be writing a letter to your new caregiver but instead I find myself writing to you. After all, these past two months we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well.

When you first came to us you were broken. Physically and mentally. You didn’t really know which way was up and you definitely did not know who to trust. You were confused. You were scared. You cried.

A lot.

We became a team you and I. And I soon learned that all you needed was a little comfort. A safe zone. Something to make your feel at ease. So when we couldn’t hold you and calm you, he did.

“Beary Gibb”.

Your Foster dad and brother came up with that.

Those silly boys.

Beary is a stuffed bear bigger than you. And you love him. You snuggle with him at night. He is your safety net. And I will make sure he goes with you on your new adventure.

You have grown so much in two months. You’ve gotten stronger. And happier. And you laugh and smile all the time.

All. the. time.

You are almost crawling. You love solid foods and you do not depend on a bottle as much as you used to.

And boy did you used to.

You love your foster brother. What an amazing bond you two have. It’s incredible to watch you interact. It’s like two peas in a pod. He’s going to miss you. He’s only three years old and he doesn’t understand that he will never see you again. To him you’re just going for a visit and you’ll be home soon.

I wish it was that simple.

It’s hard for me to explain to you why you have to leave us. There is a system in place with policies. Unfortunately, you are part of the system. A system that is supposed to act on your behalf.

Please know we tried.

We did.

So I sit here next to all of your belongings typing through tears. I never thought we could love someone in such a short period of time. And maybe it is simply empathy and sympathy for you. For your situation.

Regardless, we loved you.

And though the photographs I’m sending with you will probably never reach your eyes and the memories of us will fade, we will never forget you.

They say your first foster child is the hardest to say goodbye to.

Man, they were right.

We love you Baby Chunks!

Your foster family

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