I'd rather get a bikini wax than watch my kid play sports

I'd rather get a bikini wax than watch my kid play sports

My son started TBall on Monday and I can honesty say it’s painful. Painful to watch. God Bless his coaches. I don’t know what short straw they pulled to get stuck coaching three year olds or whose shit list they are on but damn.


These little shits are all over the place. There’s always one facing the wrong direction, one sitting down, one picking his nose, one crying for his mom, one running off into the park, one who runs the bases….and keeps running.

That’s my kid.

Bubba Joe rounds first and just keep going. Sometimes to second. Sometimes all the way to home plate. Sometimes he just keeps running.

Run. Forest. Run.

I’ve lost count how many times I’ve heard my kid’s name in a 45 minute period. And everyone else’s kids for that matter.

It is seriously a shit show.

I would rather get a Brazilian than watch my kid play sports.

I know.

They are only three years old.

And they do not listen.

At all.

Don’t get me wrong, I think organized sports are great for kids. Great for socialization. A great way to teach teamwork. And I know they all have to start somewhere especially when they don’t have older siblings to teach them or parents active in sports. But hot damn a root canal would be less painful.

Can you relate? What sport does your child play?

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