When is sharing oversharing?

When is sharing oversharing?

I took a week away from my blog last week. It wasn’t intentional. I honestly did not have the time. Between starting my new Jamberry business, my in-laws in town for the week, and a week long celebration of my son’s 3rd birthday, it just didn’t happen.

Here and there I would check into my Facebook account and blog page to to say hello and let my peeps know I was still around. I would take a few minutes to read blog posts that caught my eye and then return to the daily grind.

I came across a couple of posts that really made me say “Wow” out loud.

Deep, personal posts.

Posts about lovers and family members. Posts that bashed the shit out of these people. Intentional or not. And I started wondering when is sharing oversharing? What is too much?

I write a personal blog. I rarely talk about a product or current events unless it’s something that really gets my panties in a wad or I can’t stop raving about it.

I write about my life. My experiences.


Trials and tribulations.

I’ve talked about infertility and how raising a three year old can be a freaking nightmare. I’ve mentioned conversations my partner and I have had. I’ve ranted about strangers. I’ve raved about the awesome folks at my son’s daycare and even the crazy bitch at my son’s swim school. But never have I bashed my co-workers, partner, parents, siblings, or in-laws.

Do I have something to say? Sure.

Don’t. We. All?

But a very public blog where everyone and their mother can read it and hit the share button?


As much as I would love to vent about something that happened this past week, I plan to keep it off the computer. As much as I would love for people to chime in and give me their opinions on a relationship issue, it stays at home.

Where it should be.

As bloggers, as individuals, do we really need to over share to get people to read? Do we really need that “Wow” factor to get our name out there and destroy relationships in the wake of the destruction? Is that the attention we seek? Is it necessary to use social media to call out our family and friends?

Seriously, when is sharing oversharing?

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