Should I have named my babies?

Should I have named my babies?

I’ve been under the weather lately and took a day and a half off of work to rest. While laying in bed watching television, I came across the movie Heaven Is For Real.

The movie is based on the best selling novel by Todd Burpo. It is the true story of a 4 year old boy who has a near death experience and claims during surgery he visited Heaven. He has accurate accounts of only things he could of learned in Heaven. Things he saw from looking down from above. Things no one has ever told told him. People he saw but never met in real life.

And people don’t believe him. Some still don’t. They can’t accept what he tells them. They question his parents’ beliefs. Their own beliefs. Because he didn’t die. His heart never stopped. He never coded.

Why would Jesus take him for a visit and return him?

Even his own mother is skeptical. Until he reveals to her that he met his sister. A young girl just a year or two older than he is. A beautiful little girl who looks very much like his mother.

A baby before him. A baby he had no idea existed. A baby who died early into his mother’s pregnancy. A baby they never knew the sex of.

His mother asks him what her name was. And he tells her she didn’t have a name because she was never given one.

And I lost it.

Should I have named my babies? Our pregnancy losses. Sexes unknown. Are my babies, now almost one and two years old walking around Heaven without names? Will we meet and just hug and know they are our babies?

I admit, although I am Catholic, I have my doubts about Heaven. I can only hope and pray it is as beautiful as the Bible says and when we pass on we actually go to this beautiful place.

Instead of just dying. Dead.

Because I want to meet my babies. Hold them. Hug them. Let them know they were loved so very much. Even though we never met. Never had the chance to give them a proper name.

This kid and his trip to Heaven………


Ugly tears.

Do you believe?

No one ever gets sick or hurt there. No one ever had bumps or bruises or skinned knees. No one needs glasses or wheelchairs. In Heaven no one is old. Everyone is young and healthy. And no one dies in Heaven. ~ Colton Burpo

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