Should I really have to spell check my child's name?

Should I really have to spell check my child's name?

I love my son’s preschool. The school is run very professionally and the teachers and staff have the best interest of the students in mind at all time. They are my tiny village of people that are helping mold our son into the bright little man that he is. So, you can only imagine my dismay when I found out they were spelling my child’s name wrong. He was learning to spell his name incorrectly.

My name is Tammy. I’ve been asked a million times over if I spell my name with a “Y” or an “I”, one “M” or two.

Perfectly legit.

But Hunter? How do you fuck that up? Let’s see H-U-N-T-E-R. Pretty simple right?

Evidently not. For about 3 weeks my son would come home with projects with HUNTHER as his name. Cute projects. Projects moms keep as keepsakes.

Nearly every day for 3 weeks he would bring home his daily report with the same name written on it.

At first I was like, “Who the hell is Hunther?” Is there another child in his class and I’ve been stealing his shit?” I even checked. Seriously I did.

Nope. Totally my kid.

I waited. I waited longer than I should have and that was my fault. I gave the teacher the benefit of the doubt. She accurately called him by his name. Why the misspelling? Then I thought about it. Hunt-her. Hunter is sounded out Hunt-her.

Since he has two teachers I figured one of them would catch the other’s mistake and correct it. One of them spelled it correctly, the other not so much. 

Nope again.

And then I saw this:

And lost my shit.

Here is his project hanging for all to see, spelled out in Cornflakes…H-U-N-T-H-E-R.

So we had the talk. I was nice about. I simply explained that it was funny at first. Even making jokes at home that when he would misbehave that it must have been HUNTHER that did it. But it stopped being funny when I learned that they were learning to spell their names, letter by letter each week.

Not happening folks. Not happening.

Since then, it has been corrected. It was corrected immediately. Every report is spelled correctly. They even had him redo the cornflake project. The teacher apologized, though citing she sometimes gets busy with all the kids that she doesn’t notice little things like that. Which of course did not sit well with me. However, I get it. 

What innocent mistake has your child’s teacher made?

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