No, I don't have to "friend" your kid on Facebook

No, I don't have to "friend" your kid on Facebook
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I received the weirdest message on Facebook this morning from a friend.

The message read:

Can I ask you something? What’s your problem? Why won’t your friend my son on Facebook? It’s kinda rude.

Um what?

Your kid is 11 years old.

For starters, the age requirement for Facebook is 13 years old. Why does your child have a profile to begin with? Secondly, I find the age requirement for social media platforms to be quite low. I don’t feel you child should be on Facebook. Thirdly, I’m friends with you. Your child is not my friend. He is your child. Your child is a child to me. A child that doesn’t need to know my grown up business.

There I said it.

Facebook started as a tool for college students to connect.


Not middle school children. And certainly not children under 13 years old whose parents allowed them to create a Facebook profile with a bogus birthday.

Can we please just let our kids be kids?

I see what goes on with your children through you. You. My friend. From your posts. Your pictures.

I explained this. And that I wasn’t comfortable friending her child.

She has since unfriended me.

It is what it is.

In a world of cyberstalking and online predators, I will not add to this rising problem by accepting an underage child as my friend. Not to mention the adult content in which Facebook generates. I will not contribute to this.

He isn’t the first child I have avoided friending and he isn’t the last.

How old do you feel a child should be to have a social media account? Have you allowed your child to lie about his/her birthday to create a social media profile?

Sound off! I would love to get your feedback on this.



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