10 types of sleep moms want for Mother's Day

10 types of sleep moms want for Mother's Day

If you sat down a group of moms with children ranging from newborn to teenagers and beyond and asked them what they wanted for Mother’s Day, I guarantee half of them would answer “sleep”.

I bet more than half, actually.

Even with the range in age, we all need it. Crave it. Long for it. Miss it.

Here are 10 types of sleep moms want for Mother’s Day:

1) Sleep through the night without the baby crying sleep. Or pumping.

2) Sleeping in sleep. Past the ass crack of dawn. Like noon.

3) Sleep through the night without having the toddler crawl in bed between you sleep. 5 times in one night. Asking for glasses of milk. Why the sky is still dark. And if it’s “tomorrow” yet.

4) Turn your mind off sleep. Stop. Just. Stop.

5) Go to sleep without worrying sleep. What is that?

6) Go to sleep without waiting up for your teenager sleep. Otherwise known as #5.

7) Sleep without getting up to pee sleep. Like ever.

8) Sleep without waking up in a pool of sweat sleep. Can we say hormones?

9) Sleep without having to listen to your spouse sleep. Snore much?

10) Any kind of uninterrupted sleep sleep.

There you have it.


It’s what we really want this Mother’s Day.

Make that shit happen. 

And doing the laundry.

That too.

What would you add to this list?

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