As a veterinary professional, Kristen Lindsey you disgust me

As a veterinary professional, Kristen Lindsey you disgust me
This is Tiger. A 6 year old Domestic Shorthair cat.

All children want to grow up and be something one day. A nurse, a fireman, a teacher, a veterinarian. Many go on to becoming this. Most don’t. For those that do, it truly is a dream come true.

I always dreamed of working with animals. Some days I wanted to be a veterinarian. Others I wanted to work in a zoo. In the end I chose to be a certified veterinary technician, an animal nurse if you will.

As an animal lover and veterinary professional, we have sympathy and empathy for what we do. We hate to see animals in pain and suffering. We grieve with our clients. It kills us to walk through animal shelters with rows and rows of unwanted pets. It pains us to to see a stray dog on the streets. It breaks our heart to see a feral cat fending for itself searching for its next meal.

Many of us adopt. Take a leash and help the stray dog find its owner. And we feed the feral cat, even making them an outdoor shelter out of an old dog carrier wrapped in a trash bag with a heating pad inside (not that I know anything about this.)

We certainly don’t take a bow and arrow and shoot a feral cat in the head. A cat that you have no idea if it is actually feral and not lost. A cat whose owner is devastated by its loss as it it.

But that’s exactly what you did, Kristen Lindsey, DVM. And not only did you bag your first “bow kill”, you posted your disgusting feat on social media.

As a veterinary professional, Kristen Lindsey you disgust me. How could you even call yourself a veterinarian? Take the oath? Work with animals? Have people trust in you to take care of their beloved pets when you are shooting your neighbor’s cat on your day off?

I’m glad they fired you. I personally would never step into a clinic that allowed their staff to kill domestic animals for fun. I would be hurt to know you helped my dog take its last breath knowing you really could care less about the life of any pet.

And as a veterinary professional of 20 plus years, I would have resigned from that practice knowing I had to work with you. And honestly I probably would have punched you in the face. But they did the right thing and canned your ass.

I hope you never work again.




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