Am I the only person not pissed at Shonda Rhimes?

Am I the only person not pissed at Shonda Rhimes?
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I get it. She killed Derek Shepherd. She ended Private Practice. She killed Jake and then she didn’t. Am I the only one not pissed at Shonda Rhimes?

But that’s television.



I invested 11 years of my life into Grey’s Anatomy. I sobbed over George, Denny, Lexie, Mark (oh Mark), and of course Derek. But it’s a show. Fiction. Just stop already.

Stop complaining. Stop saying you are going to boycott the show. Stop creating petitions to bring back Derek. I mean seriously.

A petition?


Am I the only person not pissed at Shonda Rhimes?? She is a freaking genius as far as I’m concerned. She has created some of the most amazing shows. Amazing characters. Characters we love.

If you want to be pissed at someone be pissed at Patrick Dempsey. Like for real.

For realsies.

He left. He wanted to move on. He did not want to return. Ever. So she made it permanent. And personally, I think she did it brilliantly.

Sad? Yes.

Devastating? Yes.

Loose Ends? You betcha!

Did she have the funeral I wanted? Christina? Addison? NOPE!

Was this follow up episode the weirdest yet? Absolutely.

But it was brilliant.


But that’s television. Shonda Rhimes isn’t the first to kill off a major character and she won’t be the last.

My God. What will happen when she kills off Olivia Pope?


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