10 ways to celebrate your pet on Love Your Pet Day

10 ways to celebrate your pet on Love Your Pet Day

February 20th is Love Your Pet Day! Besides giving your furry friend, feathered buddy, or other pocket pet love and affection, here are 10 great ways to celebrate your pet on Love Your Pet Day.

1) Routine Veterinary Exams: The greatest expression of love is good health and hygiene. Annual visits, blood work, dental exams, and grooming will help keep your pet healthy and happy.

2) Identification and microchipping: Keep you pet safe by placing a collar and updated identification tag on your pet. For extra insurance, have your pet microchipped at your local veterinarian and register your pet with a national data base.

3) Buy a new toy or treat: Pets love treats and they can be great training tools. New toys are a great way to stimulate the mind.

4) Go for a walk: Although in some areas the weather is frightful, a walk with your dog is so delightful! Bundle up and take a quick jaunt around the block or play fetch in the snow.

5) Volunteer at a local shelter or rescue group: Take a visit to your local shelter this weekend and love on the less fortunate pets. You never know what you might find!

6) Share a photo of your pet on social media: Nothing says I love my pet more than telling the whole world he’s the best!

7) Extra play time: Throw the ball a few more times or stay a little longer at the dog park to keep your pet healthy and active.

8) Go for a car ride: Some dogs LOVE the car! Take your pooch for an extra long car ride and let his ears blow in the wind!

9) Buy your pet new bling: Dress your pet in a new coat, collar, or leash.

10) Extra hugs and belly rubs: Just keep on loving your pets. They love you unconditionally, just do the same for them.


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