The Importance of Chores For Toddlers

The Importance of Chores For Toddlers

Chores and children. Chores and teens. Do they ever not argue about them? Forget to do them? Just plain don’t do them?

All. The. Time.

Of course until they need money. Or a ride. Or that fancy new sweater, Taylor Swift CD, or video game. Then they remember. Because as parents we remind them that without one there is no way in hell your getting the other.

So we started training our child early.

Chores for toddlers.

Granted, I’m not an idiot and know this will no way shape him into a tween that actually does his chores without nagging BUT a girl can dream.

Here are 5 chores my toddler loves:

1) Feeding the dogs: Supervised of course, this is his utmost favorite thing to do. I fill the measuring cup with food, hand it to him, and he pours it into the bowl. Three dogs, three times. He LOVES doing this. As soon as we get home from school he immediately asks to help. He is caring and conscientious and knows when he misses a meal. It is part of his daily routine and he does not like to venture off his schedule.

Plus in no time he will scooping poop and walking those bad boys.

2) Throwing away the garbage: From fruit snack wrappers to clearing his own plate after a meal , my son likes to throw away garbage. Any paper messes we have, empty cans, or water bottles we ask him to take it to the garbage can. He even empties the bathroom garbage into the kitchen can when asked. He wants to help and we give him chores to fill this need.

Also, we are totally gearing him up to take the cans to the curb in a few years!

3) Putting his dirty clothes in the hamper: If his clothes need to be washed, he is asked to take them to the laundry basket.

Once again, masterminds at work. He’s sooooo doing his own laundry soon!

4) Matching his clean socks: As I bring up his clean laundry from the basement he’s ready and waiting to help. His goal? Match up his socks for me to fold. Not only is this a great chore but an awesome learning tool as well. When he gets a match, we high five and say great job!

And again, He’s sooooo doing his own laundry soon!

5) Cleaning his room: We started this as soon as he was mobile and cognitive of messes. I don’t believe in messy rooms or toy/playrooms. We want him to be appreciative of his belongings and our home and when he visits other people’s homes. It’s important that he learns that when you make a mess you clean it up before making another.

For me it is important for him to have structure.


Even at 2 1/2 years old.

You gotta start sometime right?

What chores do your little ones do?



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