It's a beautiful day for a same sex marriage!

It's a beautiful day for a same sex marriage!

Tonight is a huge night.

Not only because my son and partner get to get all fancy and dress in tuxedos.

Not only because my partner gets to witness his wonderful sister get married.

Not only because there will be flowers. And beauty. And tears of joy and happiness.

Not only because there will be food and drink. And dancing. Lots of dancing.

And cake.

And although the night is about two families coming together to celebrate two people in love, it is so much more.

More than all the gifts. More than the party favors and sweets table. More than the guests that have come from near and far.

Because tonight is about two amazing people. Two amazing WOMEN that are getting married.



For realsies. In Illinois. In America.

Two women taking marriage vows. Two women allowed the same rights as you and me. Two women entering into a legally recognized union.

A same sex marriage.

So much awesomeness right there.

So much.

Cheers! Let’s get this party started!

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