Holiday traditions may fade but family stays

Holiday traditions may fade but family stays

When I look back at my childhood I see a pattern. A pattern of holiday traditions. Traditions I will always treasure. Traditions that are locked in my memory. Traditions only revisited in photographs. Holiday traditions that have since faded away.

I remember Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s home. My father’s parents. Chaos and laughter. My dad’s siblings all together. My cousins from afar. My grandparents alive and well. The lumpy mashed potatoes my grandma made and her weird but delicious stuffing. The celery and garlic tainted cream cheese stalks. The ceramic elephant in a bathtub walnut holder and cracker. And her potato salad. OMG, her potato salad. They have both since passed. The holiday tradition taken with them.

Now that my siblings and I have grown into adults, the traditions have changed. We have our own families or a significant other we share our time with. We go our own ways. My parents either stay close to home or travel to meet one of us if our plans work out in their favor. And we go to a restaurant. We are not together anymore for Thanksgiving.

The inevitable.

Holiday traditions fading away with age and time.

Now that I have a child I long for those days of constant. You always knew where you were going and what time you had to be there. I want that for him. For us.

But most importantly, I want him to have family. No matter the inconvenience or the constant running around, he will know family. He will have family traditions. Whether it be Thanksgiving with my partner’s family or dinner at a restaurant with mine, he will know.

I’m looking forward to this Thanksgiving this year. My partner and I are hosting both of our families at our home. A combination of traditions under one roof even if it’s just for this year.

We will all be together. Holiday traditions may fade but family stays.

And thankful can’t even begin to describe how incredible that is .

Did I mention my dad is copying my grandma’s potato salad?

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?

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