Hey Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson, I have one word for you....KARMA

Hey Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson, I have one word for you....KARMA

Hey there Natalie Bree Hajek-Richardson. Can I call you Bree? I see you made the news. It seems that your mouth got you in a bit of trouble. You know because “That’s who I am. I just say what I want.”

Well I say what I want too. You see, I wasn’t there. I didn’t see what went down. But I know your type. I was your type. Granted, I would never, ever tell a mother of a screaming child to shut her kid up to her face but I’ve thought about it. Lots of times.

You know before I had kids. When I was your age.

And an asshole.

I can call you that because I was a pre-parenting asshole too. But there’s a difference between thinking it and actually saying something.

You see, there’s line. A very fine line. A line your don’t ever cross.

It’s called the Mama Bear Line.

Do you know anything about Bears? Mama Bears protect their cubs. At all costs. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are directly harming the cub or not.

Claws. Come. Out.

That’s what we do as moms. We protect our young. And do our very best to raise them properly.

And kids cry.


They don’t have a time limit. Or a schedule. They don’t care if they inconvenience you or anyone else around them.

And sometimes moms and dads cannot control an epic meltdown of mass proportions even if it’s bothering the living shit out of you.

And to that I say too bad.

Too bad for you. Get a grip and get a clue. Show a little sympathy. Empathy. Something.

And mind your own business.

Do you even know why that child was crying?

Maybe that child was hungry, tired, sick, autistic, mentally challenged, deaf, or just plain bored? Or better yet, maybe he/she just wanted to act like an asshole, just because.

Like you.

Well lookie here. You two have something in common. Your behavior was more childish than a small innocent child.

Now, do I think the mom had the right to punch you out? Eh, probably not. Violence is never the answer.

However, I could totally understand why she lost it on you. I mean, you did question her parenting skills, put your nose where it wasn’t supposed to be, and you told her to go to hell clearly on a day things were not going well for her. A day where she was probably trying her best to hold it together.

Us moms do have our limits you know.

But to tell her to go to hell? She was probably already there.

And one day you will be there to.

With your very own tantrum sitting in a stroller or cart spewing tears and screams. People will stare at you. Some will sympathize. Others will not.

And you will remember that day.



I think that’s what it’s called.

A mama bear


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