5 holidays for the stressed out mom

5 holidays for the stressed out mom

With the holiday season in full force it got me thinking of useful holidays that would ease some stress in our every day lives. Holidays for the stressed out mom.

Here are 5 holidays that need to show up on the 2015 calendar:

1) National Bring a Bottle of Wine to Work Day: Not a wine drinker? You could substitute the day with Bring a Six Pack Day, Bring a Bottle of Jack Day, or any other bevarage that’s going to calm the fuck out of you and your coworkers.

Are you a stay home mom? I suggest maybe not serving your coworkers. 😉

2) National Mom Gets a Sick Day: This can also be called National Leave Mom Alone Day, Go Ask Your Father Day, Mom Left Town Day, Mom is On Strike Day, or I Call Not It Day.

Disclaimer: This is not the same as Mother’s Day because as we all know, this is just a Hallmark Holiday where your family buys you cards and gifts but still expects you to do shit.

3) National Do Your Own Laundry Day: If you are like a million moms out there, you are so done with load upon load of dirty laundry. It’s time to teach those kiddos and your hubby to step up to the washer, throw in some soap, and wash their own damn clothes.

4) National Watch John Hughes Movies Day: I means seriously. A little Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Mr. Mom, Maid in Manhattan, Beethoven, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation can help relieve stress, give you a few laughs, and thank God everyday you aren’t related to cousin Eddie.

5) National Three S’s Day: Shit, Shower, and Shave Day in solitude. Alone. No interruptions. As many times in a 24 hour period you would like. A-L-O-N-E.

There you have it! Five holidays for the stressed out mom!

If you could create a new national holiday what would it be?

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