Not all the shame belongs to Ray Rice

Not all the shame belongs to Ray Rice

By now most of America has seen the footage of the Baltimore Ravens player, Ray Rice, physically assaulting his then fiancé, now wife, in an elevator. It was a shocker to all except, in my opinion, the Baltimore Ravens and NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell . I don’t believe they were flabbergasted by the video footage. They were flabbergasted the footage went public so soon.

They reacted by burying Rice’s season. I’m glad, although he deserves much worse.

The Ravens have been praising Ray Rice for weeks. Since he accepted his punishment from the court, they made him seem like a guy that made one little mistake. As of Monday, the Ravens have deleted all tweets supporting this ass clown.

Head coach John Harbaugh protected and defended Ray Rice, proclaiming him to be “a heck of a guy” All this support came after the original footage showed Ray Rice dragging a lifeless body out of an elevator. Really? He’s a “heck of a guy”?

When Ray Rice applied for a pretrial intervention program to avoid formal prosecution, the Ravens should have cut ties with him then. They chose to praise and defend his character.

Ponder this. The NFL Commissioner suspended Josh Gordon of the Cleveland Browns for a year for having Marijuana in his system. A year! The original suspension that Roger Goodell gave Ray Rice was two games. That is just a fucked up way of punishing lesser offenses.

Then four weeks after suspending Rice, the NFL passes a new domestic violence policy. Why the change? Ummmm, maybe they saw the elevator footage?

Roger Goodell denies he had access to this footage. Then how is it that TMZ got the footage? The office of the commissioner was informed by TMZ, that they were going public with it. How did the NFL offices respond? “We are not interested.” You are not interested because you had already saw the footage.

The NFL since had suspended Ray Rice indefinitely and the Ravens terminated his contract.

It’s a little to late.

Goodell you lost my respect. I hope someone reevaluates your job. As a man, partner, husband, father, and a child of domestic abuse, the NFL outrages me. What kind of example are you setting for young boys and teens that look up to these players? That it’s okay to slap women around and in return you get a slap on the wrist?

The truth is that both Roger Goodell and the Baltimore Ravens reacted to the prospect of bad press. We saw a brutal knockout of a woman by an asshole football player. If the footage hadn’t appeared, they would have let this asshole play a fourteen game regular season.

Shame on Ray Rice for beating a woman. Shame on The Baltimore Ravens organization, the NFL, and Roger Goodell for not stepping out against domestic violence. What did protecting his ass give you? You deserve all the public criticism!

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