Single Parent Superhero

Single Parent Superhero

Last week I had the pleasure of being all alone. For an entire week.

With a two year old.

Yeah, I know. I had you there for a minute. All jealous and shit.

My partner went on a fishing trip to Canada with his buddies. My girlfriends and I made the joke that I was officially a single parent for a week.

Send wine, chocolate, and reinforcements.

I admit, when both my son and I broke with a stomach bug within days of each other, I felt very much on my own. Being sick and trying to entertain a toddler is hard work especially from the confines of a bathroom. But, the other days we spent hanging out with family and friends, visiting with my dad, and following our daily routine. It went rather well.

The hardest part for me was the silence. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy peace and quiet tremendously.

I missed the companionship. I missed having someone to talk to. To just relax with. To vent.

Sure, a few days away from your partner makes the heart grow fonder. But so grows the lack of adult mental fulfillment.

There’s only so much toddler talk one can handle.

And Thomas the Train.

I soon realized being a single parent isn’t a joke. I couldn’t even call myself a single parent. I was never really on my own. And those who are in the same situation, whether your partner is away on business regularly or visiting a friend for a week, neither are you.

The mom or dad that does it 24/7/365 is.

As a single parent you do not have the financial backing of a partner. A sounding board that calls at bedtime via FaceTime or Skype. A backup plan. A light at the end of the tunnel that help is on they way.


A break.

No matter how small it is.

As a single parent, you are it.

Número uno.

I commend each and everyone of you for the hard work you endure every day and the lonely nights you struggle through. No matter what situation brought you to where you are today, you are all superheroes in my book.

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