Hands down, hand me downs rock!

Hands down, hand me downs rock!
Toddler Mayhem with his hand me down train set and train table.

When I was a kid, I hated “hand me downs”. You know, the clothes and toys you received from an older sibling or family member.

Stuff they grew out of. Stuff they were no longer playing with.

Used stuff.

Although my mom bought us new clothes when we needed them, we were always given my aunt’s hand me downs.

Her cool clothes.

No longer cool.

By the time they reached my sister they were no longer in style and completely out dated.

The 1970’s called, they want their bell bottoms back.

It always made me mad that I had to wear her hand me downs. Granted, I was in grade school at the time, like the 3rd and 4th grade, but still, current fashion in a girl’s life is key.

As a mom, I totally get it now. I totally understand the joy my mom must have felt receiving that bag of “winter clothes” from my grandmother.

Because that shit is expensive.

Kids grow so damn fast.

Like weeds.

I am incredibly thankful when my sister, family, and friends who have boys older than my son, offer me their hand me downs.

It helps.

A ton.

Mickey Mouse, Elmo, dinosaurs, trains, and Super Heroes will never be out of fashion.

Neither will catsup stains and locked in mud.

Neither will smiles from ear to ear of a child who just received a hand me down toy he thinks is brand spankin’ new.

And there is nothing greater than that.

Are hand me downs part of your family tradition?

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