Psychic Pregnancy Readings..Friend or Foe

Psychic Pregnancy Readings..Friend or Foe

One of the online mommy groups I readily visit recently shared a thread about psychic pregnancy readings. One of the women in the group recently had her cards read and shared her findings with the group. Suddenly the board lit up like a Christmas tree and at least 30 other women shared that they too had a reading at some point in their reproductive journey.

Are psychic pregnancy readings the new “in” thing? Do people really believe in psychics?

I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I ordered one. Actually two. From two different pregnancy psychics from two totally different sites.

I’m a second opinion type of girl.

The results? Two different psychic pregnancy readings with only one thing in common.

A baby girl.

Here is the reading from the first psychic:

I do indeed pick up on a pregnancy for you, but it’s a while off yet – conception is coming through for JANUARY. THE QUEEN OF WANDS – This card shows an image of a female character so this first sign here is that you are going to have a female child.

And the second reading:

They are showing me a little girl that is coming your way and they relate her to JUNE so this is either birth month, conceive month or the month you find out in.

January. June. Both start with J.

Apples and oranges.


Do people really believe these readings? Do they psyche themselves out so they purposely have an over abundance of sex leading up to these predicted months and waa-laa they are magically pregnant as predicted?

Or is it real?

Clearly, these two psychics have their seasons mixed up.

Also, did I really want to know more?

The first reading was pretty clear cut. Basically what month and what sex the child would be. Bam! Done.

The second reading creeped me out:

She is the one that is always going to be hands on, would much rather do things for herself than have someone do it for her. Despite their best intentions she is always really good with beating them to the punch and letting them know that she has this. She is always going to be fast at it, and good with re-direction. Abel to get them to help with other things that is not so much what she wanted to do.

She is going to be around 5’5 in height, has a slender build and they are showing that she is really good with dance. They are showing that this is something that she is really going to be passionate about and will pretty much take any of the types and try them out. She seems to really love ballet and jazz, but will try anything and turns out that she is good at it. You will find that this is often something that she likes to do as a way to take away the stress of life, the problems that some of the kids at the school cause…etc. It just seems like this can help clear her mind and give her something else to focus on. They are showing that her best friends seem to be the ones that she has met at the studio rather than ones that she has met in school.

They are showing that she is a good kid, a lot more mature than most and is often the one that will think things through. You will find her often using you as a sounding board. telling you what she is thinking, what she wants to see happen and how she figures that she will get there,

She has a good sense of fashion and seems to be able to wear clothes that are flattering to her body and in style. I see her loving the color blue and there is something blue on her at all times.

When it comes to career paths, they are showing her opening her own dancing studio. She leases space to other type classes, but also teaches various levels

When it comes to marriage I am seeing her closer to 25. They will have two girls of their own.

Did I really want to know all this???

Not really.

Granted, under the disclaimer,

It isn’t really possible to 100% guarantee an accurate result every time. That said, 9 times out of 10 the results ARE on the ball so it’s quite a reliable system. Readings are for entertainment purposes only.

Should any of this come true, would this reading influence my choices for my daughter. In the back of my mind would I remember what the reading said and purposely start my daughter in ballet? I hope not.

But I bet people do.

Do psychic pregnancy readings give people hope?

I think people struggling to conceive or those facing infertility are so desperate to hear some kind of news that even if it’s a bunch of crap, for a brief moment there is happiness in sight. Relief. A light at the end of a long tunnel.

But that crap could really hurt someone. Someone who desperately wants to believe. Believe in something that may never come.

Psychic pregnancy readings…friend or foe?

Have you had a reading?

I’ll let you know how mine turns out.

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