Can we please stop talking about breastfeeding

Can we please stop talking about breastfeeding

I’m going to just get right down to it. Breastfeed, don’t breastfeed, but for heaven’s sake can we please stop talking about breastfeeding?

And blaming things on breastfeeding?

It seems the whole world is talking about it. Little known fact, breastfeeding has been going on for centuries.

It’s not new.

Not even a little.

Why suddenly is everyone making it their personal cause to prove they can do it?

Did I breastfeed my son? I tried. I failed. Did I feed formula? Yes, I did. Do I give a flying shit if you judge me for it? Nope, I don’t.

Because you know what? I don’t give a rat’s ass that you whip yours out to feed your kid.

I support you.

Kids have to eat. We do what we have to do for our children.

It doesn’t make us any less of a parent one way or the other.

So let’s stop.

Stop trying to turn something natural and beautiful into a cause. I get it, you want the right to breastfeed in public. The reality is, you’ve always been able to do it.

For many it’s the right not to cover up. You deserve that right. Cover up, don’t cover up. Nurse all you want. But, let’s go back to focusing on why you do it.

For them.

It’s not about you. It’s not a cause. It’s about them.

Your babies.

Because no matter how you fight, no matter how much you complain, no matter how many bumper stickers you make, and internet sites you start, there will always be one asshole.

One asshole that stares.


Makes a rude comment.

Rolls their eyes.

And you can’t fix assholes.

Or stupid.

But you can ignore them. Continue on. Do what you do best.

Because you know what’s best.

So, let’s just stop talking about it.

Just do it.

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