I'm just a mom who blogs

I'm just a mom who blogs

As I scroll through the daily HuffPost Parents blog posts, I realize I’m not really that good at blogging. I’d like to think I’m somewhat talented but then I read something that blows my mind I’m quickly forced to realize, I’m just a mom.

I’m just a mom who blogs.

I live an every day life.

I have a toddler. He’s almost two years old. He doesn’t quite speak in sentences. He doesn’t have funny things to say that I can drum up a whole post about (yet). He does toddler things. Things people relate to. Things that make you want to rip out your hair. It gives people a good laugh instead of crying in defeat. Their responses make me feel normal. Like I’m doing something right and my posts help them realize they’re doing it right to.

I am an open book. I have openly shared my struggles with postpartum depression and infertility. There is only so much “whoa is me” people want to read and I want to talk about. But I have helped others.

I work full time outside the home. As a professional, I choose not to bring my work to my blog. God knows I could tell you a story or ten but then I would also be blogging about my new found unemployment. So, I talk about pets and how important they are to our well being.

I make fun of celebrities.

I talk about news stories that rock me to my core.

I swear. A lot.

I’m not all that funny. I don’t make people pee their pants in laughter. But I will make you chuckle.

I don’t do crafts. I cook but I’m not creative. I like Pinterest but I’m not “Pinteresty”.

My Instagram account is in real time. No smoke screens. Just my life, my likes, and my loves.

I will probably never write a book.

And I may not ever make it to the big show.

And that’s okay. Because I kind of did.

A different kind of big show.


I’m just a mom who blogs.

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