Calling Dr. Facebook

Calling Dr. Facebook

Lately it seems social media, Facebook in particular, has become more of an avenue for advice than a social site. Apparently, once people don’t get a clear cut answer from “Dr. Google”, they turn to their friends or strangers on a page they follow and seek guidance.

Anything from medical advice to marriage counseling, social media outlets have replaced professionals. The opinions of our peers outweigh picking up the phone and seeking help.

I fully admit that I have done a Google search on a number of topics ranging from health questions to parenting issues. However, when it comes to my child, partner, myself, or pets, I refuse to whip out my phone, get on the computer, or fire up the IPad to ask my friends or followers on Facebook if they think I should do something in place of seeking a professional’s opinion.

Case and point, I follow a group board of moms. Recently, one of the mothers posted that her toddler got into her drug cabinet and basically overdosed on OTC pain relievers and cough and cold medicines. Instead of picking up the phone and calling 911, she posted a “what should I do” post.

Are. You. Kidding. Me??????

What should you do?

Get off the fucking computer and call 911.

Over 30 people posted a response to her question. Being it is a “no rant, no judging, be nice to everyone” group, not one person said “Hey dumbass, get your kid to the hospital!” Everyone handled it with kit gloves advising her maybe calling poison control and taking the child to the ER was a good idea. Oh, and saying how sorry they were this happened to her.

Bottom line…she didn’t want to spend the money if she didn’t have to. So, if her peers say just monitor the child at home, that must be the answer.


(Kid did end up in the hospital, by the way and I removed myself from the group)

I’ve seen it all lately.

“Hey gals! I’m leaking amniotic fluid, should I be worried?”

Um yes, jackass.

“Fellow mommies! Check out this rash my kid has (shows photo of horrible rash). What do you think it is?”

Um, a rash.

“Hey friends! Long story but my husband beat the shit out of me last night, should I have called the police?”

Um, do you value your life?

“Ugh! I found Meth in my babysitter’s backpack. Should I fire her?”

Um no, ask her to come back tomorrow and watch your precious little ones. DUH!

“My dog is really sick. He’s been vomiting for 5 days. He can barely move. I really don’t want to take him to the vet. Advice?”

Um, no. I’m not a veterinarian.

In all honesty, The thought of that child slipping away into a coma or worse because his/her parent thought a bunch of moms on a Facebook chat group knew better than a pediatrician or an emergency room doctor makes me want to vomit. In my opinion, she wasted precious time typing away to complete strangers.

What once was a place to share your daily thoughts, post pics of your kids, and meet up with old friends has become an avenue for medical or professional advice from unprofessionals. Seriously, folks, let’s get off the computer, and talk. Like face to face. With people that can actually help you.

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