Hey Michelle Duggar, Your Uterus is Not a Clown Car

Hey Michelle Duggar, Your Uterus is Not a Clown Car

The other night I read an article that was posted to a friend’s Facebook page about how Michelle Duggar is hoping to try for baby #20.




One of the responses to her post made me laugh out loud.

“Someone needs to tell her a vagina is not a clown car”.

Or the Partridge Family bus.

Or the CTA Red Line.

Honestly, when is enough, enough?

What aggravates me the most is that she’s seeking the advice of a fertility specialist.

Talk about a slap in the face to those who actually need the help.

Can we say selfish?

I’m sorry but at age 47, high risk, with a miscarriage under your belt, and a premature birth due to Preeclampsia, it’s time to hang it up.

Close up shop.

Not to mention the little known fact that you already have 19 children.



I mean didn’t you think, let’s say after ten, that maybe it was time to stop?

You are done. Finished. Kaput.

It’s time to retire the womb.

Before it jumps out into on coming traffic.

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