Go Ahead, Be a Douche Bag But Leave Your Kids Out of It

Go Ahead, Be a Douche Bag But Leave Your Kids Out of It

My sister has overcome some pretty big obstacles over the past few years. Mainly, getting out of a shitty marriage to an equally shitty person. She has two beautiful children as her only saving grace. Otherwise, her once good memories are clouded with the person her ex has become since their separation and subsequent divorce.

A divorce he asked for.

When it comes to divorce, or any break up for that matter, both parties are right or wrong in some way. But when it comes to the children, right is the only way.

Not allowing your children to honor their parent on their birthday, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day is wrong.

Fucking wrong.

I don’t care if the last person you would spend $2.99 for a card is your ex, you do it.

For them.

Your kids.

Until they are old enough to pay their way. You do it.

Don’t want to spend it? Because by God it’s going to kill you?


Construction paper.

Notebook paper.

Hell, toilet paper.

Give them some fucking markers and let them make a card.

Bottom line: just because you choose to be a douche bag doesn’t mean your kids have to be.

You need to set an example. Bad mouthing the other parent in front of your children is just wrong. Justifying the reason for not buying a card with hateful words is wrong. Being an asshole in front of your kids is wrong.

They are you kids. You made them together. They didn’t ask to be brought into your nonsense. They didn’t ask to get in the middle of a divorce. They didn’t ask to live in two separate houses. They didn’t ask for any of it.

Be the better person and suck it up.

Get the damn card.

So I don’t have to do if for you.

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