10 Things PMS and Toddlers Have in Common

10 Things PMS and Toddlers Have in Common

As I’ve gotten older my PMS has worsened. Ever since I gave birth to my son,  it has turned monstrous.



I know my partner just loves dealing with me. It’s hard.

About as hard as dealing with our toddler.

A 40 something toddler and an actual toddler.

Is there much of a difference?

Here are 10 things PMS and toddlers have in common:

1) Anger: Why? We have no frickin’ clue. We just get mad. Damn mad. Tantrum throwing mad.

And then we cuddle.

2) Irritability: Everything and everyone aggravates us. Look at us wrong and it’s on like Donkey Kong.

3) Anxiety: Do I look fat? Is my face bloated? Why won’t my pants button? Is he cheating? Does my butt look big in this diaper? Is that my Sippy cup? Are you leaving me here forever? Where’s mommy?

4) Crying: For. No. Reason. What. So. Ever. We cry just to cry. We don’t know what or why we are crying. There is no talking us off the ledge.

Just let us cry.

5) Oversensitivity: I’m sorry what did you say?


6) Exaggerated Mood Swings: I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m happy, I’m sad, I’m going to kill you in your sleep, I’m going to plan to deprive you of sleep.

Are you seeing a pattern?

7) Fatigue: We fight sleep, we sleep too much, we sleep not enough. When we are tired, just leave us alone and expect a bumpy ride.

To hell.

8) Sleep Disturbances: Up all night, tossing and turning, night sweats, too cold, too hot, we need a drink of water. Mommy I want to sleep with you.

Mommy doesn’t want to sleep with daddy. Ever.

This too shall pass.

9) Appetite Changes: Not hungry, don’t want that, refuse to eat that, I want to eat that now, why can’t I have that, now I don’t want that, I want to eat everything in the house.

Where’s the chocolate?

10) Diapers: Maxi-pads, panty liners, Pampers.

See, no difference.


PMS and Toddlers…a hormonal imbalance of epic proportion.



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