When Did Easter Become the New Christmas?

When Did Easter Become the New Christmas?

I don’t know about any of you but I’m still digging out from this weekend.

Did we get snow?


We got Easter.

Since when did Easter become the new Christmas?

When I was a child we received one Easter basket.


From. The. Easter. Bunny.

The Easter Bunny (aka my mom) hid Hershey Kisses all over the house instead of eggs. Little bunny turds, I liked to call them. After all of the Kisses were found, we opened our baskets full of candy, bubbles, chalk, jump ropes, paddle balls, and stuffed bunnies. From there we would have breakfast, dress in our Easter best, and head to my grandparent’s house.

My grandmother would color eggs the day before, write our names on them, and sometimes give us a stuffed Easter themed animal of some sort. That was it.


This is what my mother’s house looked like on Easter.

24 Easter baskets

24 Easter baskets

Six children. A basket from my parents and each of the aunts and uncles. There are four, count them, FOUR, Easter baskets per child. And I’m not talking four run of the mill, candy filled, baskets. I’m talking toys, puzzles, clothes, watches, action figures, art supplies, a new puppy.

Okay, I’m kidding on the new puppy.

In my family, it appears Easter has gone a bit overboard in the novelty department. Don’t get me wrong, I contributed one of those four baskets. And trust me, shopping for these kids takes serious thought.

Who likes what. Who’s favorite princess is who. Is he into Matchbox cars or Legos? Is she too old for that? Will she like this? What size is he? Get it?


My son received a total of 6 baskets and one gift in a 24 hour time span.

I’m still shaking my head.

And stuffing my face with Peanut Butter eggs.

And what would Easter be without a real life Easter Bunny (The Acrimonious Clown pulling double duty) showing up to guide you to your Easter Egg hunt?

photo 2 (3)

335 eggs hidden on one acre of property. Plastic eggs filled with more goodies no less.

My poor mother. Stuffing eggs. Counting eggs. Praying to God all 335 are found before she finds them 3 months later while mowing the lawn.

Browsing through Facebook the past few days it seems we aren’t the only family turning Easter into the next major gift giving holiday. I have seen so many posts and photos of Easter egg hunts and Peter Cottontail dressed characters showing up to parties.

Most importantly, the kids LOVE it. As I look back on my childhood Easters, I realize they were pretty tame.

Or lame.

Regardless, this is all that matters…

photo 1 (3)

How did your family celebrate Easter this year?



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