The Art of Raising a Toddler

The Art of Raising a Toddler

Raising a toddler is tough. Sometimes I wonder if we are doing it right. Are we raising him the right way? Are we teaching him the correct things? Are we good parents?

Are we reading to him enough? Should we be working on colors and letters instead of teaching him body parts, animal sounds, and counting? Is he watching too much Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Club House?

95% of the time he’s a good kid. But that other 5%…….

Is he as bad as I think he is sometimes?

The screaming.

It’s the screaming.

He’s incredibly intelligent. He understands everything we tell him. When instructed to do something, he does it. He does little toddler chores like stocking the toilet paper in the bathroom. His vocabulary for a 19 month old is eh! but improving. But when this kid doesn’t like something, wants something, doesn’t want something, he’s vocal.

Blood curdling vocal.

At least to me it is.

My lack of patience for noise?


After all, I did opt to spend the entire 29 hours of labor in silence.

He’s just a kid. I know.

But he’s my kid. You know the “if I ever have a kid he/she will never act that way”, kid. Man have I had a reality check. He’s going to act that way. Holy hell there’s no getting around it. There is no art of raising a toddler.

It’s fucking rough. Brutal. One minute he’s a complete angel and the next, Satan’s spawn. Too harsh? Ever live with a child under 3 years old?

I want him to be “my kid”. The child I envisioned would always listen and never throw a tantrum. But that my friends is impossible. This child has his own special, sweet, stubborn personality. He doesn’t have the language skills to communicate and I don’t possess the decoder ring for screaming.

I raised, rescued, and trained dogs. I’m used to being stern and intolerant of bad behavior. I don’t have the sweet “mommy doesn’t like this behavior, voice”. Getting down on his level, looking him dead in the eye, and attempting to talk sense into him is hard for me.

I bought the book What to Expect The Second Year. What to expect? Expect to throw that shit out and expect the unexpected with a toddler.

Every day is an amazing adventure. Every smile makes my heart skip a beat and every tantrum boasts a wish that hangovers did not accompany heavy drinking.

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