18 Things I Have Learned About Parenthood From My 18 Month Old

18 Things I Have Learned About Parenthood From My 18 Month Old

My little guy just turned 18 months old.

18 months.

Where did the time go? It’s amazing how a little 6 pound premie grows right before your very eyes.

Just. Like. That.

Being a mom has taught me a thing or two. Being a mom to a toddler has taught me a ton.

Here are 18 things I have learned about parenthood from my 18 month old:

1) There are never enough toys to keep a child occupied. If it is suddenly quiet, they are getting into something.

Every. Single. Time.

2) No matter why they are doing it, sometimes a tantrum is just funny.

Look. Away.

3) Tantrums are annoying.

Walk. Away.

4) A sleeping child is the sweetest image.


5) Remote controls, cell phones, tablets, and laptops must remain out of sight.

Or they will own them…LIKE A BOSS

6) When a toddler hands you a pretend phone, you answer it.

Every. Time.

Multiple times.

Over and over.

7) No matter how hard you try, food ends up launched on the floor.


8) Discipling is hard. Especially when your kid is cracking you up while you are doing it.

9) Time out. No. Stop doing that. That’s not nice.

Good luck with that.

10) A teething child is horrible. A sick child is heartbreaking. A child with diarrhea and a diaper rash,

Mission Impossible.

11) Nap time is your friend.

Embrace that shit.

12) Dining in restaurants is for single people, couples, and seasoned parents.

Not. Us.

13) Spill proof Sippy Cups are the greatest invention.

When used properly.

14) Crayons end up in the mouth.

Every. Time.

15) Toddlers and train sets.

Not. Happening.

16) Things that come out of your mouth will shock and amaze you.

“Bubba Joe, don’t feed the Christmas Tree your juice.”


17) When your child starts saying words you understand, singing songs, and imitating Sesame Street characters, you can’t help but to get choked up.

18) They grow so fast. Too fast.



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