Why Your Baby's Second Christmas Might Still Suck

Why Your Baby's Second Christmas Might Still Suck
"I'm supposed to do what with this?

Ahh, baby’s first Christmas. The cute photos by the tree, the adorable velvet Santa Claus outfit, sleeping through the unwrapping of the gifts. Everyone telling you “it will be so much fun next year”



Your baby’s second Christmas might still suck. Depending on the age of your child for his/her second Christmas, it may not be as fun as everyone thinks it will be.

For starters, two days of running around from house to house, homes full of people, loud music, and over stimulation without an adequate nap makes for a very crabby toddler (and crabby parents).

Secondly, they are still too young to “get it”.

My son is 17 months. He learned this year how to open a present. He had little to no interest what was under the paper. He wanted more paper.

Everyone’s paper.

Try explaining gift unwrapping etiquette to a toddler, a baby.  Trust me, I can’t stand parents that allow their children to unwrap other children’s gifts.

He will learn.

Try justifying a toddlers outbursts to adults that either don’t have kids or have forgotten what their children were like at this age.

I know.

I used to be that person.

I get it now.

Imagine that.

I’m looking forward to next year where I know it will, it must be, better than this year’s debacle.

I only wish people could see him the day after his second Christmas.

You know, fully rested.

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