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Why Your Baby's Second Christmas Might Still Suck

Why Your Baby's Second Christmas Might Still Suck
Ahh, baby’s first Christmas. The cute photos by the tree, the adorable velvet Santa Claus outfit, sleeping through the unwrapping of the gifts. Everyone telling you “it will be so much fun next year” Umm… No. Your baby’s second Christmas might still suck. Depending on the age of your child for his/her second Christmas, it... Read more »

New Father Fail

Today I did a good deed. Today I looked like a Goddess. Today I was somebody’s vision in white. Today I assisted a new father in the parking lot of the hospital remove an uninstalled infant carrier from its base. Today I wanted to slap the ever loving shit out of him. Today he learned... Read more »

10 Things I Wish The Elf On The Shelf Would Do For Me

The Elf On The Shelve. The key word here being shelf. So explain to me why we spend an entire month catering to this little pain in the ass? Moving him, positioning him, setting the scene. Like our kids are really going to behave for an entire month all because of a felt doll with a large plastic head? We all... Read more »

Why Puppies As Christmas Gifts Are A Bad Idea

Why Puppies As Christmas Gifts Are A Bad Idea
Standing in line at the grocery store yesterday I overheard a conversation between a young girl and her parents. Child: “I really, really, really, want a puppy for Christmas.” Mom: ” Well, be sure to ask Santa on Saturday when you see him.” Dad: ” Don’t forget to add it to your wish list.” “If... Read more »

There Really Is a Santa Claus

Looking back on your childhood, I’m sure some of you remember writing a letter to Santa Claus. The letter was usually a list of items you hoped to find under the tree on Christmas morning. The list probably included dolls, video games, and maybe even a pony. Items that would make us squeal for joy... Read more »