Co-sleeping....Not it!

Co-sleeping....Not it!

So, I did it.

The unthinkable.

The worst ever.

I let our toddler sleep in our bed with us.

To be honest, for a brief moment I contemplated getting into the Pack and Play with him to avoid starting something I vowed I would never do.

OMG! How do you all do it????? Co-sleeping with your children??

Feet in your back, feet in your face, hands in your mouth, drool on your arm, the tossing and turning.

Your arm trapped under their still body. Your bladder about to explode. Sweat in places you didn’t know existed. The sheer terror of moving and waking up the little shit that kept you up most of the night?

Oh hell no! I am so over this already.

We are on vacation, he is in a strange place, there is a time zone difference, and he has a touch of a cold compliments of an aircraft infested with germs.

I will let it slide.

Some sleep is better than no sleep, right?

But, you bet your booty this new habit will be short lived.

What type of habit did you start with your child you wish you didn’t?


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