Kids and Snot...Drug-Free Cold Relief

Kids and Snot...Drug-Free Cold Relief

I’m dreading it. Cough and cold season. The flu. Ugh!

My son is in daycare. The blog post could just end here.

You get it. Enough said.

Luckily, with the help of some great products I received from Arm & Hammer’s Simply Saline line, hopefully this season won’t be too bad.

But as fate would have it, I spoke too soon. My little one came home from daycare yesterday with the start of a cold and this morning he woke up with a nose full of snot.

Crusty. Ouchy. Snot.

If you’ve ever tried to clean said snot from an infant or small child’s nose you know the pain it causes. Mostly to your ego because a child less than a quarter of your weight just kicked your booty and won during an unnecessary struggle. But more so, the pain it causes your child.

I have been looking for drug-free cold remedies for children for some time. I don’t particularly care to take over the counter medications myself so I wanted to find an alternative for my child. I came across the Arm and Hammer booth at BlogHer13 and asked about their new line of nasal mists and swabs.

I decided to give the Simply Saline Baby Nasal Swabs a try. These individually wrapped cotton tipped applicators dispense enough saline to the end of the applicator to help loosen mucus for easier clean up.  Each applicator delivers a drug-free, fragrance free- moisturizer to the nasal opening. I used the Simply Saline Baby Nasal Relief to provide a soothing, gentle mist to help loosen up the nasal passages. I then applied the Simply Saline Baby Nasal Moisturizer plus Aloe around his nose to keep the area moist. It is a no-drip gel formula that stays in place around the nose and provides long-lasting relief.  All three of these products are suitable for ages 0 and up, and is safe to use as often as needed to keep your baby comfortable.

I definitely recommend using these if you have small children. Granted, my little one still put up a struggle simply because he is a toddler but once he realized it wasn’t going to hurt him, he handled it like a pro.

There are several other nasal mists and nasal moisturizers available from the Simply Saline line for children 2 and up and adults to help relieve nasal congestion and are drug free or use homeopathic ingredients. For me, this is key. The last thing I want for myself and my child is to use unnecessary medications.

I am looking forward to using their nighttime formula with eucalyptus. It clears nasal passages to help reduce snoring…..not that I know anything about snoring…UM! (clears throat).

The Mayhem Mommies would love to give you a chance to try out Arm and Hammer’s Simply Saline line! Enter here to win a line of great products! Be prepared for cold and flu season and give you and your family drug-free cold relief.



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