I'm Addicted To Taking Home Pregnancy Tests

I'm Addicted To Taking Home Pregnancy Tests

When you are trying to conceive, the two week wait is hell. What is the two week wait, you ask? It is the two weeks between the time you ovulate and the time good old Aunt Flo arrives (aka the dreaded menstrual cycle) or you find out that you are pregnant.  In other words, two weeks of pure insanity.

Two weeks of turning to Dr. Google after every pain, twinge, headache, backache, boobache, crotchache, sleepless night, and crazy dream. Two weeks of reading every “Trying To Conceive” forum. The two weeks where you are so in tune with your body that you are driven to madness.  Are my boobs getting bigger because I have PMS or am I pregnant?  I feel really tired today, am I pregnant? I don’t like my husband today..am I pregnant? I really don’t want pizza for dinner tonight..am I pregnant? The dog sniffed me funny..am I pregnant? Do I have a glow today or is that just sweat? It’s crazy!

And there in the craziness is the devil in disguise…the “test 6 days before your missed period” early home pregnancy test. I can honestly tell you that I have lost count how many of these Satan on a stick tests I have peed on since we started trying for our second child. These bitches are expensive! Sure, I can head on over to the local Dollar Store but believe it our not, the two stores I shop at have been SOLD OUT! Do you know what this means? I am not the only hormonal, impatient woman out there! It’s like crack for the trying to conceive community.

BFN after BFN. What’s a BFN? Big Fat Negative. Or as I like to call them, Big Fucking Negative. I tell myself every month “wait until you miss your period to buy a test”, you know, like when your mom got knocked up. But no! There I am 6 days before my missed period peeing on a stupid, nonsense stick.

First off, these tests shouldn’t even be on the market. Why can’t we wait to test until a missed period? These test are too sensitive. They pick up just the smallest amount of the pregnancy hormone, leaving woman elated that they are pregnant only to find themselves devastated when their period comes. Not every early pregnancy test ends with a bouncing bundle of joy. 30-50 % of these “positives” actually end  with getting your period. Is it a miscarriage? Indeed it is.  So, why get women’s hopes up? How about not selling these Clear Blue Money Making Pregnancy Tests to already sensitive and hormonal women?

Why can’t we just wait until good old Aunt Flo packs her bags for 9 months and decides to visit someone else?

You feel me?



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