His First Father's Day

His First Father's Day

I can’t believe how far we’ve come.

Our first homes as infants and small children were just 1/2 mile away from each other and we never knew. We met for the first time when we were sixteen. We worked together at a local pet store. We became the best of friends. He loved me. He really did. Boy, did he try. He really did. And I was the fool who turned him down.

Every.Single. Time.

We kissed a few times. He dated girls and broke up with them because of me. And I was the fool who turned him down.

Every. Single. Time.

We went our separate ways.

7 years later we crossed paths again. He tried. He really did. And I was the fool who turned him down.

Every. Single. Time.

This time he moved on. He met a girl, got married.

I thought about him over the years. Where did he live? Did he have children? And then Facebook reared it’s ugly head and we found each other again.

13 years later.

It was different this time. It was a feeling that hit me to my core. I just knew.

He was going through a separation and then divorce. It was hard at first. Really. Fucking. Hard. But we made it.

Our son was born July 2, 2012. I watched the boy I never knew, the teen I called my best friend, and the man I call the love of my life become a father.

He calmly walked me out of a restaurant when my water broke in their foyer a month early. He held my hand through my entire 29 hours of labor. He wiped my sweat, rubbed my back, brought me ice, and watched me shit myself. He held my legs and helped me push and he rushed to our son’s bedside as soon as he was born. He announced to our family our new arrival with tears in his eyes and cried when they finally placed our son on my chest.

He became a father at that moment. And what a damn good father he is.

As all new parents will tell you, the first year is the hardest. Really. Fucking. Hard. He has been there for me in my ugliest hours. Supporting me through my postpartum depression battles and my every changing moods. He has been there for me through heartache and struggles. And he loves our son. He is the light in his eyes. His reason for breathing. His reason for change. And he loves me. He really does.

So to the love of my life on his first Father’s Day, I love you. Thank you for never giving up.

Every. Single. Time.

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