To The Rescue Mom on Mother's Day- You Matter Too!!!

To The Rescue Mom on Mother's Day- You Matter Too!!!

This is my first Mother’s Day. I have a beautiful son who was born last July. He is an amazing little man full of energy and surprises. He makes me laugh at every turn and exhausts me to no end. He is the light of my life and the reason I get out of bed everyday. Strangely, I can’t help to feel a little sad as Mother’s Day approaches.

Sad?? You see, up until last year I was a different kind of mom. A rescue mom. A saint, some might say.  The light at the end of the tunnel to so many unwanted animals. It was my life. My world. A world where 2-legged babies didn’t exist. A world where they were never even a thought. The only thought that existed was how I could help the next dog that needed me. Where would I put him? Did I have enough funds to treat his injury or disease? Would he have to die because I couldn’t reach him in time? Thoughts that raced through my mind causing sleepless nights and stress. Stress that only a rescuer will know.

There are a lot of people that look down on people who do not have  children and care for animals as their children. Believe me, I know they are on two very different ends of the spectrum. Having experienced both I can say that. But to those that haven’t, the judging must end.

There is no denying that children are hard. Really f’ing hard. There really is no comparison. The life of a rescuer is a very different creature, one with similarities to parenting but with trials and tribulations that no human mother could ever understand. I’ve been there. I speak from experience and I praise any person who decides to take this path in their life. I think you’re fucking crazy but hey, so was I.

From the endless phone calls from shelters who have no more room and owners who cannot own up to their responsibility, to driving incredible distances to help a dog abandoned in a house for weeks after his owner moved without him. Or the hoarder that allowed 20 Saint Bernards to become so malnourished and neglected that only a quarter of them lived after their rescue. From every dog I hoped I could change back into a good dog and wound up holding him as he received a lethal injection to the over 500 dogs I  placed in loving homes. The same 500 dogs that filtered their way through my home as a place to live until that forever home could be found. I have cleaned enough piss, shit, and vomit to last me a lifetime.  To the multiple litters of puppies I delivered, cut umbilical cords, and nursed round the clock because their mother either died or wanted nothing to do with them, I was a mom. A damn good one. And a little part of me misses her.

So on this Mother’s Day I would like to wish all of my fellow rescuers a very Happy Mother’s Day! You rock! You are the bomb! Do not let anyone tell you any different.  Hug your 4-legged kids and although they can’t send you a card or give you flowers, they can give you the greatest gifts of all….unconditional love and appreciation. Woof!


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