Rest in Peace Little Bryeon Hunter...

Rest in Peace Little Bryeon Hunter...
Rest in Peace

Disclaimer: If foul language and harsh realities offend you, stop reading because shit’s about to get real. This rant is not going to be PR friendly.

Who does this shit? I mean really? What the fuck is wrong with people? An innocent life taken away by monsters. Just a baby. A baby who can’t even communicate with words to beg them to stop. To say “I’m sorry mommy, I will be better”. To scream for help. To fight for his life.

While his mouth was covered by someone he probably trusted, he mother inflicted the deadly blows with a belt. Or was it plastic hangers? Left to die, purple, gasping for breath, on the bathroom floor, little one year old Bryeon Hunter never had a chance.

One years old.

Then to disgrace his poor lifeless body, fold him up and carry him out of his home in a backpack. Dump his body in the river and then place the blame on strangers to cover their gruesome story and cowardly selves. Lakeshia Baker and Michael Scott I hope you rot in hell.

The motive? Sources say the mother was angry he was not potty trained. WTF????? What child do you know that is fucking potty trained at 1 years old??? The child just learned to walk!!!

There are so many options out there if you do not want your child anymore. For heavens sake take him to the nearest fire station, police station, or hospital. Call upon a family or friend for help. Violence is not the answer. And if it is, for fucks sake, do it quick and humanely. Overdose him with  Benadryl or a narcotic. Let him sleep his life away. Put a pillow over his head and smother him. At least he will only be afraid for a few seconds. At least he won’t suffer for two days lying on a bathroom floor.

Too harsh? Well man up people, this is the sad reality of this sick, cruel, world we live in. I am angry and disgusted over this horrific story.

My son is almost 10 months old. I look at him and just cry over the horrible hand poor Bryeon Hunter was dealt. He didn’t ask to be brought into this world. He didn’t ask for a sadistic mother and sure as hell didn’t ask to be held down, beaten, and left to die.

He was just an innocent baby ….B-A-B-Y!

Rest in Peace Little Bryeon Hunter. May you never feel pain and suffering ever again.

May I wish his mother and her boyfriend the loveliest of stays in general population at the Cook County Correctional Facility…..Assholes.


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